Lake Wales Florida Arts Center

The Lake Wales Arts Center is a wonderful place for the arts. We look forward to presenting some of the best in opera, symphony music and painters in the south florida area. We are open daily for visitors and tours of our facilities.

The idea for this center stems from the passion of it’s founders and members. With a rich history of support for local residents, business’s, and political leaders, our facility has become reknown for providing quality arts at an affordable price. We aim to continue providing these services for years to come to artists of all ages.

Joining the Lake Wales art cetner is an affordable and exciting chance to step into the life of an artist and immerse your self in the wonders of artistic talent. We have painters and sculptures that visit from around Florida and from the entire United Sates. We invite you to join today for a low price and we offer severasl discounts for the military and senior citizen.

We have several benefits from becoming a member, but we are also looking for volunteers to handle the wide range of arts services we offer. We are currently looking for volunteers for the summer arts camp to teach the children how to finger pint and also to do clay sculptures. We also are in need of volunteers for the annual Christmas Arts Festival in which we will have music, dance, and several art exhibits.

Lake Wales Arts Center has been so honored to be part of this wonderful Florida community. We want to thank everyone that has lready become a member and look forward to a great 2020. The arts center will be expanding soon so please come back often to hear more about our efforts as we add additional rooms for artistic venues.

Lake Wales is also committed to helping our center grow and has spoke of additional funding to help further the efforts of our patrons. The inclusion of the city is monumental to our growth and we look forward to working with Lake Wales city reps to help preserve and grow this institution.

The Gallery of the Arts Center exhibits work of well-known local, state, and national artists.

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Lake Wales Arts Council
Lake Wales Arts Council, Inc.
P.O. Box 608
Lake Wales, FL 33859
Phone: (863) 676-8426
Fax: (863) 676-1117